The 90 Degree Wall-to-Glass Installation requires the 180 Degree Standard Kit, plus the 90 Degree Wall-to-Glass Accessory Kit for the installation. Individual or replacement parts can also be ordered on the next page. Bottom Fixed Glass Attachments and Handles or Knobs must be ordered separately.

Hydroslide 90 Degree Sliding Door Kit - CHROME

  • Hydroslide Kits come in four finishes: Chrome Fittings with a Brite Anodized Sliding Track, Polished Brass with a Brite Gold Anodized Sliding Track, Brushed Nickel with Brushed Nickel Anodized Sliding Track, and Oil Rubbed Bronze with Oil Rubbed Bronze Anodized Sliding Track. Each Kit comes with complete fabrication and installation instructions. KIT CONSISTS OF: 1 - 90 Degree Glass-to-Sliding Track Connector 1 - 90 Degree Wall-to-Glass Bracket *90 Degree Units require that you order one 180 Degree Standard Kit plus one 90 Degree Accessory Kit. **EXCLUDES GLASS** SKU - HYDA9CH
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