Replacement Shower Door & Screen Seals

Replacement Shower Seals For Doors and Screens

We have a large range of shower seals available for many different shower enclosures and bath screens. 

Our Shower seals are used to waterproof gaps between glass shower panels, bath rims, tiled surfaces and shower trays.   Suitable for glass thickness from 6mm to 12mm in translucent /Clear finish & Easy push fit - No gluing or silicone needed.    All shower seals are 2.49m Long,  cutting the seals is a simple task using a stanley knife or hacksaw.   For curved screens,  soaking the shower seal in hot water for 10-15 minutes before fitting will provide flexibility Soapy water will assist in installation.   Our shower door sweep or door wipe is a sealing strip profile snapped onto the bottom edge of a swinging shower door.  The soft wipe functions as a water tight seal drags along the floor and protects water from leaking outside the shower tray.   A shower door threshold is a metal strip adhered to the curb of shower tray or fastened to the shower floor.  It presses against the bottom of the door and makes water drain back into the tray.  To seal a larger gap between floor and the door bottom, usually a house owner needs both door threshold and a door seal to do the job.